Data retention policy

In this document The Community and Youth Music Library is shown as CYML. 



This policy sets out how CYML will approach data retention and establishes processes to ensure we do not hold data for longer than is necessary.

It forms part of CYML’s Data Protection Policy.

Roles and responsibilities

The Administrator of CYML is the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer and will determine what data is collected, retained and how it is used. The Administrator and the Trustees are responsible for the secure retention and use of data. Any questions relating to data retention or use of data should be directed to the Data Protection Officer.

Data Retention

CYML data retention policy is to keep electronic and physical data held on individuals until CYML or the individual wishes to delete or destroy it.

How data will be deleted.

  • Physical data will be destroyed by shredding.
  • All reasonable and practical efforts will be made to remove data stored digitally.

Other data retention procedures

Mailing list data

  • The Community and Youth Music does not use mailing lists so this does not apply.

Volunteer data

  • When a volunteer or freelancer stops working with The Community and Youth Music Library and all administrative tasks relating to their work have been completed any potentially sensitive data held on them will be deleted.